APP Safety Ltd can offer anything from short-term "gap-filling" health & safety consultancy services, flexible support contracts to long term fixed contracts. We offer bespoke, achievable and pragmatic solutions. Don't get bogged down by health & safety legislation there is a simple fix. APP can act as your consultant to manage health & safety within your company. We can have as much or as little involvement as you require, we leave that up to you. We offer a very personal yet professional service which allows us to work extremely closely with our clients to ensure they remain within the guidelines of the law. Included below is a list of our 'One Off' consultancy services. All services are bespoke to your company, not 'off the shelf' products.

At APP we will always ensure that the advice and documentation we offer is legally-compliant and practical. All documentation issued will be available in electronic format complete with clients logo. We also work with clients current documentation to avoid confusion in some cases. All clients will have access to a 24/7 helpline for any health & safety matters. It is within any organisations interest to pay attention to their health & safety obligations not only on a moral level but on a financial and legal level also, any business with five or more employees in the UK is legally required to have:

  • A health & Safety Policy (reviewed and updated annually at a minimum)
  • A health and safety manual that details the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all health and safety arrangements in the workplace
  • Access to professional health and safety advice, either internally or through an external consultant
  • Sufficient training for all members of staff

Failing to show evidence of these can result in the following

  • Unlimited Fines
  • Prison Sentences
  • Director Disqualifications
  • Damaged reputation

At APP our professional consultancy services are bespoke to your company and ensure compliance at all levels. Our personal approach will aid small companies to receive the best possible service at a reasonable cost. Large companies can also benefit from our services by means of a 'outsider' view and concreted professional support, training and guidance to your existing health & safety employees.

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