Method Statements/SSOW (Safe Systems of Work)

Safe systems of work are simply a systematic examination of activities/tasks to identify the specific hazard[s] and risks associated. Then all safe methods to be documented in order to minimise the hazards or at best eliminate the hazard[s] altogether. 

When is a safe system of work required?

A safe system of work is needed when a task cannot be completely hazard free. A lot of working activities can prevent harm by simply removing the human from the situation i.e. the introduction of machinery and/or guards - this is a simple form of a safe system of work. 

The idea behind a safe system of work is to reduce harm (or completely eliminate) therefore a strategic assessment must be made of the activity/tasks to arrive at an effective evaluation. Safe systems of work do not have to be complicated or undertaken by someone with relevant knowledge and/or experience. Alternatively APP Safety Ltd have a vast understanding of safe systems of work and how to apply best practice. If this is something that may be of use to you or your company do not hesitate to get in contact. 

The Cost of a safe system of work?

Due to the nature of how safe systems of work are developed and implemented a definitive cost is not possible however the easiest and cheapest option we can offer are our comprehensive support packages. Our packages offer different tiers of compliance so have a look and see what we can do for you - click here