Policy Writing

Documented policies within the workplace are a legal requirement. They aid the management of risk and are designed to help prevent any injury/ill-health or damage to property that may occur whilst at work.

What is a health & safety Policy?

A health & safety policy is a documented manual in which details how a company manages risk within the workplace. A health & safety policy is designed to aid all operatives within the workplace on identifying hazards and implementing arrangements for control to prevent any injury/ill-health or damage to property that may occur in their day-to-day tasks/activities. A health a safety policy mainly consists of three sections, the sections are detailed below:

  • Introduction
  • Responsibilities
  • Arrangements

These sections combined complete a company's health & safety policy. The policy should be completely bespoke to the companies tasks/activities and must highlight potential hazards faced by employees and the risks they incur. The health & safety policy should be readily available to all employees and anyone who wish to view it and should also be reviewed annually at a minimum or if any significant changes take place within the company.

Why is a health & safety policy needed?

A health & safety policy is needed when a company employs 5 or more staff. This is a legal requirement and failing to have a valid health & safety policy can have sever negative effects on a company.

Who needs a health & safety policy?

As stated previously any company with 5 or more employees must have a valid health & safety policy no matter what discipline or industry. Each industry face different hazards and risks within the workplace therefore managing these risks are equally as important no matter what sector.  

A misunderstanding is that you have to be quite a large company to have a health and safety policy in place – but in fact this is not the case. H&S law applies to employees; the self-employed; work experience; apprentices; volunteers; mobile workers and home workers all need a safety policy the difference is that as soon as you hit 5 employees you have to document it all.